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Most major credit cards are accepted. We offer in house financing for up to 90 days.  We also offer Care Credit and Wells Fargo Hearing aid Financing.


As a general rule, most insurance plans have no coverage for hearing aids. This includes Medicare. However, there are some plans that do have funded benefits for hearing aids.

We will file with your insurance company for you, however, you are responsible for all charges.   

We do participate with BCBS at an in-network provider; including Federal retirees, HEB, and state retirees.

We do participate with the US Department of Labor Federal Office OWCP.  If you were a civil service worker and have a claim with the Dept of Labor, we will file all claims with the ASC billing portal.

Internet hearing aid sales

We do not sell hearing aids online and we do not recommended anyone purchase hearing aids online.  Hearing aids are medical devices, very sophisticated medical devices.  Hearing aids are fit by state licensed professionals. Audiologists have been trained to properly evaluate your hearing and if needed, fit hearing aids.  Hearing tests can also reveal other more serious health conditions.  Referrals are made to the appropriate medical doctors.  If you purchase a hearing aid online, another medical condition may go undiagnosed without the proper testing.  Furthermore, the digital technology in hearing aids today requires one to one consultation and follow up adjustments.  Hearing aids require periodic cleanings by professionals.  Alamo Hearing Aid & Audiological Service has been helping people hear since 1952, you can rest assured that we will be here for you in the years to come.   We take care of repairs of your hearing aids, either in office or sent to manufacturer labs.  We have fresh batteries and supplies for your hearing aids.